im trying to learn the solo to "are you dead yet" by children of bodom
and theres this one set of sixteenth notes that i just cant play because
my fingers absolutely refuse to move that fast. its nothing extremely fancy
so i know i can do it. i see it within my grasp but my goddam fingers refuse
to move fast enough.

how can i go about increasing the speed in which my fingers move?

in short
i've been practicing the solo for about a week and i've reached a point
where i just cant play it an faster. how can i get my fingers to move faster?
Just keep practicing it. That's unfortunately the only way to increase speed - repetition and practice.
Are you tensing up? If you are, relax, and you might gain a bit of speed.
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Speed isn't your problem, everybody can randomly flail their fingers at the fretboard. your problem is control, accuracy and the ability to keep your hands in sync when trying to play fast. Playing fast itself isn't the issue, in fact it's never the issue - what you need to address is the things that ultimately determine how fast you'll be able to play so work on improving your control and economy of movement, keeping both hand synchronised and making sure you fret the right notes cleanly.

You need first teach yourself to play controlled and accurately before you're going to be abe to play controlled and accurately at speed. It all boils down to the same thing, slow down and use a metronome to keep the beat for you...only speed up by increments of a couple of bpm at a time and if you start making mistakes you sped up too soon.
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