Like the sea monster, except more brutal.

Get Kraken

As you can see by clicking on their space, they only have demos. So, so go look for the demo yourself, because I don't have anything.

Grindcore/death metal/experimental

If more songs like The Daedalus Sighting were made...well, think of something witty for yourselves as well.

Yes I would enjoy having more of their music inside me.
That show spites me, every single time I went to watch it, I ONLY CAUGHT THE ENDING.

May as well stay offtopic until someone comments about this deep band.
Kraken should fight Leviathan, and go slay Dragonforce as well. Then all the other Krakens will come together and rule the world.


Yeah, they're fairly cool imo. I like them a lot, considering most grindcore is kind of boring, they do add a little something to it.
Quote by 1010011010
After seeing "Grindcore" on the OP, I thought these guys were gonna be as boring as Braindrill.
Holy **** am I wrong.
what does Brain Drill have to do with grindcore??
I don't give a patootie about Braindrill, just listen to Kraken damn you.

Braindrill is considering grindcore to some, but again...patootie, I don't give a.