We are a band called Surmised. This is our demo we sent out. We are new to the game and have only been a band about 3 months. I know alot of you on here are musical experts. Give your opinion as any advice is gladly accepted. I know we need to mix it up more, that is a given. Other than that what would you change? http://www.myspace.com/surmised
I wouldn't change anything
Great stuff!!!
Good luck with everything!
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I think you guys are reaally good, musically pretty tight and your vocalist is very talented too, i agree with JohnnyV, you guys just gotta get out there and promote like hell!

Good luck!
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Sounds good, solid song writing. You have a great voice, but it could be more dynamic for the style of the music. You might try rehearsing without a mic, and really project your voice. And the studio recording does sound a little sterile, i'm sure you all sound better in a Live setting that really helps bring out your emotion. I would also suggest that you try a Live recording, I think it would really bring out the exspressive nature of your talents.

All good stuff though...your on the right track to become great.