Looking to buy a Signature "Visionary" guitar. These guitars are strat like were made in Canada in the late 80's and used by Alex Lifeson.

I'm looking for a "Visionary". It will say "Signature Guitar Co." on the headstock. The headstock is pointy like a Kramer... The name "Visionary" will be engraved in pearl at the 21'st fret. It should also have Egyptian type heiroglyphics engraved in pearl at the 12th fret.

These guitars also have binding on the fretboard and on the sides of the guitar body. They also should have Seymour Duncan Pickups (H,S,S)

I am from the U.S. so naturally these would be difficult for me to find, perhaps more easily in Canada.

If you find one for sale in a shop, or find me someone willing to sell one, I'll give you an easy $500.00 after a done deal.

check out http://www.geocities.com/signatureguitar/

for more info on Sigs.

Click the following link to view some pictures of a Visionary:

http://www.autonobot.com/temp/V2.JPG (courtesy of a friend)
I have a Signature Guitar Company "Oracle" for sale price negotiable make an offer it's a black bolt on with ebony fretboard , rock maple neck , solid alder body , original evans pickups in it's original hardshell case. Contact info bigfatdummy24@gmail.com or call 1-817-504-4536 any time.