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Wrong? Not really. But pretty lame and boring.

I rarely drink alone. At least not to get drunk. I have a beer alone from time to time, but I only get drunk when I'm with my friends.
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Beer is fine, but weed by yourself is boring and it feels weird, trust me. You'll feel dirty if you toke up alone.


Get trashed and go play some flash games.

Try THIS one....
I love getting hammered after work, on my own or with friends doesn't matter. Pour a few shots sink a few cones and relax.
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Get trashed and go play some flash games.

Try THIS one....

That game was so boring
I will stand by all this drinking if it helps me through these days,
It takes a long time just to get this all straight.
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Get trashed and go play some flash games.

Try THIS one....

You are an evil, evil person.
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wiliscool is just plain dumb
I buy alcohol all the time and drink by myself, usually cause I have a different work schedule than everyone else. I think I'm an alcoholic.
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i was lk drinking a beer alone thn like my mom rings lol then iwas like have to act all sober n shi** cuz if she knew she'd f*** me up n i passed out n sh** n had a hangover lol


Dumb thread.
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It's okay, I guess, but for me, the sharing makes the moment much more enjoyable
I'm an alcoholic, so I would say that getting drunk alone is perfectly okay. Same for the weed. I get drunk all the time and I'm by myself at home, all my friends are busy with their homework while I don't have any.

So yeah, both alone is fine
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Lol at Bender

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I got to warn you for spam though...

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Nicely put good sir

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i like to drink alone, practice for the big nights out so i can take more shots then everyone else
this also means the girls get massively drunk before you and people will assume your also drunk so they wont care when you make sexy love to her

this is the pit, how else are we supposed to get women?

I got drunk one night sitting talking to a few firends on msn

It was ok but it was rather boring sitting about for hours really drunk

Out drinking with m8 is well better
Shave all of his hair off now that he's passed out.
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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