Okay.....so I just found out you can put gameboy games on a cell phone and I am def doing it. What you're supposed to do is download this file then put it on your phone either by USB or bluetooth. Now I plugged in my phone USB but for some reason I cannot explore the folders and files on my phone. So next I tried the bluetooth. My phone appears, it is connected.....but for some reason when I try to send the file it says "error connecting to device." Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? And why can I not explore the folders on my phone if I have the phone plugged in USB?
that's just technology being retarded for ya, not much us in the pit can do for you
my friend had pokemon blue version on his phone
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I have the LG Venus. It says its capable of file transfer and I tried other types of files like a picture and it won't even work either. I must have did something different because now instead of it saying "error connecting to device" it actually begins to send the file but then it quits immediately on my computer and says "internal error." Also under my mac system preferences under bluetooth it lists my phone and says that its "paired together" but it says its not connected even though on my phone I have bluetooth enabled and everything.

All I want is to play Pokemon! Is that too much to ask?!?!?!