Hey all, I have a question.

What's the difference between (S-S-S) and (S-S-H) pickups? Cause i've compared CORT G200 and G210, and they're exactly the same, except for those pickups. And that SSH is a lil' bit more expensive.. Is SSS more for clean, and SSH for heavy music?

the only real difference is that SSH has a humbucker in the bridge which make the bridge (the most common position for distortion, in their opinion) less susceptible to hum, which can make it better for heavy music
s-s-s and s-s-h are just the configurations of what pickups you can put in a guitar, lets take s-s-h for example.

In an s-s-h you can put a humbucker in the bridge position, single coil in the neck, and another single coil in the middle.

You are right in saying that the SSS is more for clean, but the SSH isnt BEST suited for metal, but it can deal with distortion better than the sss because of the humbucker
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Are there any other advantages/disadvantages to choosing one pickup configuration over the other?
So, that means, that with neck or middle positions both guitars will play the same (with same pickups), the difference will be only on bridge position?

Considering that the pickups aren't different, the 1,2,3 positions should be the same. The fourth would be, in most cases, similar (if it's being coil-splitted) and the fifth should be different. A humbucker is generally more fuller and bassier.
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I see.. Thanks .
And what about pickup changing? After changing them to something better, guitar sound quality increases?
And if i.e. corts are strat copy, that means that I can change stock cort pickups to better Fender ones?
Standard Fender ones are not much different to the Cort stock ones. But the better Fender ones will have an edge just as they do over the regular classics. Far better to look at other brands that can give the sort of sounds you want at much lower price.
It all depends on what you want to play and what amp you are playing through. But have you looked at non-Strat types?
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For example, so many things can change, you can have different magnets (AlNiCo 5, AlNiCo 2, AlNiCu 3, Ceramic, etc.), the number of windings...No two pickups are essentially the same.
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..And a labcoat fetish. SCIENCE!
Hmm. Somewhere one the forum I've heard something about active pickups. So what's the difference between active and a normal(?) one?
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Active pickups have a built in pre-amp that drives the signal to the amp, passive pickups don't. Its been said that active pickups hold tone better at lower volumes (on the guitar) and from personal experience, MOST active pickups are better to play metal on. Pinch Harmonics and stuff are way easier to play
A lot of people say that it sounds sterile to them (personally I've never heard an active pickup). In this case I suppose it's a try before you buy.
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..And a labcoat fetish. SCIENCE!