I just got a vintage 12 string acoustic and i want to learn some easy songs that would sound awesome on it.

Also if anyone has any info on my guitar it would be much appreciated.
Its an Eko J 56, i know they were made in in italy in the early 60's

Thanks in advance!!
Tom Petty stuff is great for 12 stringers

Zepplein songs like stairway to heaven, tangerine and ramble on as well.
Ive accidently posted this thread twicw so im posting some of the answers on here so they are together


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You would think the guitarist on ug would know better than to stairway...

My friend has one and Your Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit apparatus sounds way cool
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Dave Grohl does a pretty cool acoustic version of Times Like These.

Dave Grohl does a pretty cool everything, he is an awesome musician!
how has nobody said "WISH YOU WERE HERE" BY PINK FLOYD? That is an EXCELLENT 12 String song.

*waits for obeythepenguin to be lured in by the words "...12 String acoustic."*
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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