So Pit, what are your favorite National and/or Royal anthems? (provided you know a few or take pleasure in listening to them like I do.)

Personally, I enjoy Norway's National anthem (Ja, Vi Elsker dette Landet):


This is an a capella version performed in the "Oslo Rådhus" (Oslo city hall). I love the melody a lot, and the lyrics are nice as well

Also, I enjoy Iceland's National anthem:


So what about you? Feel free to post links to the anthems and explain why you like what you've chosen. Or, you don't have to explain; I really don't give a ****.
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Russia has an epic national anthem.

Also, if my bandwidth hadn't depleted I'd link that Bill Bailey video of him playing the Belarus National Anthem as if they were at the Olympics

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I love Rule Brittania (Sp?), not sure if that counts though. Though I think we should change 'God Save The Queen', it's too outdated and not catchy enough.


Nothing's as good as the Russian one though.
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