well it's not hard you just put 1 finger on the string with the "2" (fret hand) and you use your pick with 2 fingers to play the string with the 2 + the string with the 0 without touching the other strings

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Thanks for the answer but, dont the X means to mute those strings? That´s what actually disturbs me because look at another example. If it was like just playing the three on the sixth string, then why bothering placing those x´s there... Isnt it to also play the fifth and fourth string but that they are muted?

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Hey just wonder how to play this:


it´s from pokerface fingerstyle on this site:

Having checked out the video, jpg and GP it looks like the dead notes on the tabs are supposed to notate the rhythmic thump on the lower strings he does to keep the time and give the song that feel of groove. The actual physical mechnics of it are pretty simple, he's just hitting the strings that aren't being played with any fingers that aren't being used to play actual notes.
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