i recently bought a orange tiny terror, but i am struggling to get a good pop punk sound out of it, at the moment it is going through a marshall 1922 2x12, and im using a fender mex start. im also using a boss MD2.

is anyone has any suggestions, EG pedals to look into, amp settings, pedal settings, guitar settings, or anything else, it would be a great help to me. the sound i am looking for is a very crunchy new age pop punk sound, (all time low, relient k, the starting line, you me at six, new found glory, blink 182.. etc)

I dont think any of those bands use brittish voiced amps. That could be part of the reason, but not necessarily. Deffinitely try an OD and crank your amp while in the 7 watt setting (assuming you're playing at home). I did recently see either Blink or Angels and Airwaves (I cant remember which one it was lol) performing on a TV show and one of them was using a Vox AC30HH, which is why I could be wrong about the brittish voicing thing.

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ditch the MD-2 and use the TT's distortion. crank the gain and contol the volume with the volume konb (duh) and keep the tone knob a shade right of noon.

if you are going to get a pedal (MI Audio Crunch Box *cough*) make sure the TT is kept clean (have the volume knob cranked and control volume by the gain knob).