iv been looking for a new amp for months now and can never seem to find what im looking for. im playing metalcore kinda like KSE i know what amps they use i just want something that i can get my own tone out of not KSE's.

so seeing as this is a pre amp modual amp i could in theory get what ever sound im looking for but my question is, is this amp any good? iv heard clips n reveiws and it seems to be yes but im very sceptical of randall there is not a single randall that i do like so i would just like a bit of input.

can anyone help?
Its an amazing amp and well worth the trip to check it out. Also the original design and concept is far from a Randall your basically getting something Egnater put there blood sweat and tears in but at a reasonable price. So if are not a fan of Randall dont think of it as a Randall. Also if you want to see the true beauty of the series check out some modded modules especially Salvation.
The Randall MTS series is amazing. I have not found any flaws with my RM80. It just depends on what modules you get and that depends on your musical preferences. If you downtune a lot (D,C, and B) then Pete Turley's (okstrat on MTS forum) 1087 is an incredible modules. I have one and i wouldn't trade it for anything (except maybe a Salvation 1666, but even then i'd have to get another 1087 eventually). I should have a vid of the module up soon to show what kind of tone this thing gets. If you want, i'll send it to you once i post it on youtube.

Salvation mods are amazing. Anthony is a great guy and will turn your stock module into an entirely different beast that sounds amazing. He lives in the Czech Republic, but you can send a module to his P.O. Box in California. His name on the MTS forum is Salvation.

Rob (Jaded Faith) is another great modder. He can do a Recto mod that is just as good as the actual Mesa. I have yet to try it, but i'm anxious to get my hands on it.

If you have any questions concerning the MTS series, feel free to PM me. You can also look around on the MTS forum or this thread on UG: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1188551

This is Randall's flagship amplifier. I haven't heard any of their other amps, but they don't offer the same tonal flexibility this amp does. I highly recommend you look into it.

Good Luck.
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Here is a link to a post i did on te rm100


Here is another review i did

Yeah i own the 50 watt 2 channel version. I have a module that sounds like an older marshall and a module just called clean and one more that sounds like a JCM900 distortion called the Ultra but theres another module called the Ultra XL that sounds like a 5150 to me. There is also a "bright switch" on the module itself if you feel it is a little warm or if it could use that extra sparkle.


There's a few pictures of my amp right there.

And heres some links to pictures i took of the modules themselves to show what they are like.


Hope you find what you're looking for.

Edit:! I really wouldn't rely on Randall's website sound clips. They are very bad clip's to represent the amp's tone. Your better off looking at youtube videos or other clips online. I would get you some but ill be gone till Tuesday.

And in that link, is my actual review on my old RM50.

I have an RM100 now.

If you are still thinking, try going to the mts forums.

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