I have a flat black Fernandez Monterey w/the Sustainer system (google it...IT'S ADDICTIVE).

The action is incredible so your fingers fly across the fretboard and the tone this thing creates is freakin' amazing (replaced bridge humbucker with an EMG-HZ). I'm only selling it because it's been in the case in a closet; it should be played and enjoyed by someone and here's your chance to snatch up this BALLS-amazing axe!!

I'm only asking $500 because it has some gnarly belt rash on the back (about the size of a silver dollar) You can't see it from the front and it certainly doesn't affect playability.

Email me for pics: logan@rookmpc.com
Haha, that's me : ) It seems as though Lafayette doesn't like anything but Fender in my experience, haha. I love strats though...and I'm from Laffayette...OMG IT'S TRUE!
I'm from Lake Charles and I love Super Strats (Ibanez). If I had the money, I'd by your guitar. She's beautiful.