im a Guitarist who is looking to join a Metal band around Ohio. I would prefer not to work with amateurs, but some amateurs and be amazing at what they do and i will give them a chance.
AGE - 18

POSITION - i am a Rhythm Guitarist, i see myself like Izzy Stradlin, with ball breaking, jaw dropping, raw, rhythmic amazingness pouring out of my Amplifier at every sweep of the pick and every pinch harmonic

INFLUENCES - the big ones are
Guns n Roses
Judas Priest
Metallica (Black Album and before)
Iron Maiden

most of the cover songs i know are from this list, i prefer not to play a whole lot of cover songs

SONG WRITING - i write my own music

EXPERIENCE - i have been playing guitar and bass for 8 years. I used to give lessons at various music stores around Mansfield, Mount Vernon, and Fredericktown (this includes house calls)
i have played with a few bands around Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron, we mostly did college parties, but didnt do anything real serious.
i jam with a lot of friends around Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Ashland, Mansfield, Mount Vernon, Bucyrus, and Galion

GEAR - i have my own practicing rig and a separate Gig Rig, the Gig Rig is being repaired due to getting busted up in a Van accident after a show

DAYS AVAILABLE - i am starting a new Full Time job here soon and do not have a definate schedule for Hours

TRAVEL - i can travel to any city within Ohio, i live near Mt Vernon, but would prefer to not have to drive to Cinci or Dayton or cities that are 2+ hours away

CONTACT - please send a Private Message to me if interested
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