So student finance comes through very soon ( tomorrow I think!)
And im looking to up my pedal board with a nice new chorus (Im getting the ibanez sb7 too for fun times).
So which chorus' would you guys suggest?
Im gona be using it for the sort of acousticy and lighter songs i end up playing.
I will be going around town to try some out before I buy but I was just wondering what you guys would suggest to look out for and try out.
Digitech Bass Multichorus is awesome. Lots of flexiblity,built like a tank and its one of the least expensive ones out there. Only downside its difficult to get a warm tone from it.
My two favourite chorus, are the bos ce-5 and the EBS unichorus. I would have them both if i had money, but those two are the best in my opinion, theirs many others but their my favorite.
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