What's the difference between the Boss GE7 and the MXR ... M108? I think so.

Both have been recommended to me. Maybe I'm not good at telling tone, but in the shop they both worked the same to me. Of course I only spent like ten minutes in there.

Anybody help me out?
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not much, I think one is 6 band and the other is 10
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... and the MXR's sliders have LED's on them.
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From what I heard, the Boss is noisier.

Yes. I went into the store a while back to compare the boss to the MXR, and I was very dissapointed with the Boss. It did add more noise I cared to put up with.

The test was with an LTD EC-1000 and a Mesa combo of some sort, I forgot the specific name.
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just get a mxr 10 band eq, they are the best, i use the kfk version myself
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I personally am not a fan of any Boss pedal.. MXR all the way.
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I'd go with the MXR. The Boss is pretty noisey stock, actually ridiculously noisey with high gain. I use mine to emulate single coils when using humbuckers and as a solo boost from time to time so it doesn't reall matter to me. If you want it to shape your distorted tone more because your amp's EQ section can't quite do what you want (basically what an EQ pedal is for...) then get the MXR 10 band. I don't really need it for shaping the dirty tone of my amp because my amp has an active 3 band, with an additional tone stack and global mid boost control anyway.
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MXR 10 band is worth every penny!
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