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Just want to what type of combo amp most UGers think is the best. The amp I have is a solid-state but I've tried a tube amp and thought it was better but never played a hybrid. What do you think?
It can be hard to really hear the differences between amps at first, but the more you play with a tube amp, the more your ears become accustomed to it.
real hybrid like some of the goodRandalls are really nice. Good SS combos are also really nice and of course good Tube combos are really nice.

im lucky enough to have a tube combo and SS combo. they both have their merits.

i like them equally but for different things. the tube combo cant beat for classic tones and sustains for days...

the SS i get the most insane metal distortions... too bad im not really into the insane metal anymore..
It's not the components that are best, but the tone produced that's best.

As such, your poll makes no bloody sense.
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There are two kinds of hybrids. One type has a tube power amp and some sort of SS front end. Examples... Vypyr 60, Super/Vibro Champ XD, and Blackstar HT5. The other is SS and uses a tube in the preamp as a modeling tool. Examples.. Valvetronix, Valvestate. There may be hybrids that use a tube preamp and a SS power amp, but offhand I can't think of any.

I think there is a huge distinction between the first and second type of hybrid. I don't really consider the Valvetronix or Valvestate to be a hybrid. YMMV