Hi Guys,

I have just bought myself a brand new shiny Mark Tremonti Morley Wah (Oohhh Ahhh!) problem is, it just doesn't have the bottom end and the top end is way too loud, had a rehearsal with the band on Sunday and it just cuts through too much. I mean i want it to cut through, but it just over powers everything and the top end is killer.

My settings on my amp are as follows:

Bass - 10
Mid - Roll off until it hits the sweet spot
Treb - about 4/5

These settings are usually fine but when i put the pedal in front of it, it just overpowers everything. I have even tried decreasing the mids and the highs but it just doesn't do anything.

Any help please is very much appreciated.


Hi There,

Thanks for the response but my boost is set at 0.

The presence on my amp is set at 5 and i have tried adding and lowering that and that doesn't work either. It's a JCM 2000 DSL 50 if that helps.


EQ pedal? Just turn up the bottom end, turn down the top end, and turn the level down.
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ye definitely sounds like you need to lower the boost dial. i know what you mean though i have one and the boost is ridiculous
I don't really want to be going for an EQ pedal to be honest as i have tried them before and we just don't get along. If everyone reckons i have to then i have to.

The boost dial is set at 0 as well so i can't understand why it cuts through so much, i mean my gain on my amp is on like 1 or 2 and then i drive the valves really hard. I have tried it with more gain though and all it seems to do is just make the problem more gritty.

I have also started putting it through the FX loop to try and bypass the pre-amp to see weather this makes a difference and to be honest, it doesn't really. Maybe a lil bit better but nothing major.

Thanks for your help so far, please keep it coming!

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Did you try it before you bought it? Maybe that's just how the pedal is voiced (that would suck)
Are you using a OD/distortion pedal?

If you are - and the wah is AFTER the OD/distortion pedal, it could get real nasty (some people like this tho).

If that's the case, try the wah BEFORE your OD/distortion.
I did try it and it sounded great, anyone any ideas as to how i could adjust the voice?
^ There are no other options, except for an internal trim-pot that sets the cutoff time.
Sorry my last post was meant to be above 667's first one. Erm . . .
I don't use any distortions or od's in my rig at the moment as the gain on the amp is more than sufficient. Also whilst i'm on here, anyone know how to lower or fade the bump when the wah turns off? Or is it just me being picky?
Once again, thank you all so much for your help so far, please keep them coming!
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^ Set the internal trim to zero out the delay time, so it shuts off immediately when you take your foot off.
This is from Morley....

1) Remove four bottom cover screws and bottom cover.
2) Locate trim-pot labeled "WAH OFF DELAY" (it is about 3 inches up and about 1-1/2" left from the
center heel end of pedal.
3) Use a miniature screwdriver (like the ones used for eyeglasses) to turn the center adjustment of the trimpot
to customize it for your setting.
4) Turning the trim-pot clockwise shortens the off delay time. Counter-clockwise lengthens the off delay
time. The off delay time can be adjusted from instantaneous up to 3.5 seconds.
5) If you have questions about this procedure, feel free to call 847-639-4646 (ext 14).
Thanks very much i have resolved the problem now by twiddling a few knobs and adjusting some pedal sequences!
I will see how it goes on Sunday at my Rehearsal and let you know how it goes!
Thanks a lot again guys,
A Very Happy Ben