Sorry about yet another distortion pedal thread but i guess everyone has different tastes so need to ask people for advice...

My current set up is a left handed Epiphone Les Paul Standard > Korg AX1500G multi effects > Line 6 dl4 - Boss CS-3 > Digitech Whammy > Vox AD30VT.

My girlfriend likes to mess about with her guitar and mentioned about getting a multi effects pedal so i just told her i will give her mines as i was planning on getting rid of it anyway. I use this pedal mostly just for changing from clean to distortion so would need to get a distortion pedal to replace it.

Some bands i like to play along to are Incubus, Funeral for a Friend, The Gaslight Anthem, Bullet for my Valentine, Blink 182, Lostprophets (old stuff),

I have been reading through threads on distortion pedals and have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities:

Barber Dirty Bomb distortion

Blackstar HT-DISTX

Radial Tonebone Hot British

I realise the Hot British pedal is the most expensive one and not sure if it is overkill for what i am looking for. But if it is the best choice is may then get it.

What does everyone recommend?
Why do you need a distortion pedal when you have an amp with 13 preset amp models, half of which are distorted?
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that DIST-X is pretty good, never tried a tone bone before, but they're alot alike.
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Why do you need a distortion pedal when you have an amp with 13 preset amp models, half of which are distorted?

i think the better question is why are u willing to spend sooooo much on a distortion pedal when u can get a better amp with better distortion.

those pedals will not sound that great through ur amp. it will only be a slight variation of what u have on board. sell ur amp, put that money together with the money u were gonna spend on the pedal, and buy a nice used amp.

so im not a total dick: for the bands u like, id go with the tonebone.
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I was thinking about buying a new amp in the next year or so, so it would be pointless buying the duel footswitch for the Vox amp.

edit: Ok i'll take a look into getting a better amp cheers.
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Eh, I dunno, it's not that bad of an amp. :S

I'd try the Barber, fantastic sound for the money.

I traded a Dirty Bomb for a Direct Drive, as I just don't like so much gain, but there's no question it does it's job VERY well.

Very high quality and tweakable pedals.
So from the comments i gather i should improve my amp then. For a short term solution for the next few months, I'd be best just buying the dual footswitch and use the 2 channels in my amp and save up about £500 or so for a new amp?