Building a 28" scales baritone. Body is Mahogany with Zebra wood top, neck is all birdseye maple.... Blah bllah

Question is what pickup should I use only wiring for one bridge pickup no need for neck. Any input would be great.
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what kind of music do you play?

through what amp?

We need to know this before we can properly recommend anything. If there's a specific artist's tone you're aiming for, that'd help too.
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EMG's baby. Not an 81, an 85 for super chunkage.
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Something tight in the bass-probably gonna want a ceramic mag pickup for this.
I'd go for a Duncan Distortion SH-6, Duncan Custom SH-5, Duncan Full Shred SH-10, Dimarzio D-Sonic, Crunch Lab, Super 3, D-Activator, D-Activator X, X2n, or a number of high end boutique pickups. Also, either an EMG-81 or 60, or a Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1.
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We play mostly hard rock very similar tone to breaking benjamin very deep lows and mids. I play through a Marshal DSL100 with a 300 watt full stack, use all boss pedal (Metal zone II for distortion).

Was thinking the Sh-6 for it, I have one of those Bridge and neck in my main guitar which is in Drop C. I had to lower the pick up because it sounded really bright.
As much as it pains me to see proper humbuckers in a baritone, I reckon that the sh-6 wouldn't be that bad a choice. Even if you have your current guitar in drop c, a baritone is going to sound much deeper and darker than that anyway so having something you find a little brighter than average might be better.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.