What's goin on everyone?! im a 17 year old vocalist/bassist from southern NH.

I'm lookin to get something started for a band around here. ive got a few good friends around here that would love to do somethin.

I'm not a very good bassist and wouldn't do too much besides write for it.
I'm in the honors choir at my public highschool ( boasts one of the best music programs in NE) and can write some pretty good stuff.

I'm into post grunge, pop-punk, alt. rock, and ragae

influences: staind, pearl jam, blink-182, seether, shinedown

hit me up if you wanna get something started, or make your own post if your looking for something different!

thanks everyone!
hey, i'm not very far south (closer to the lebanon/lake sunapee area) i play guitar and sing. currently willing to work with groups as far south as concord and would play anything from pop punk to classic rock to alternative/grunge. please message me if any of you are interested.

My Gear:

Squier Stratocaster
Italia Maranello
Ibanez GIO
Samich D-1
Baldwin SG
Fender CD100CE

Proel WahWah
Digitech RP-80 Multi-Effects

Peavey Combo Amp
Marshall Practice Amp