My washing machine overflowed and covered my house in about a half inch of water. My amps (Line 6 Spider III 30 and Roland Micro Cube) were sitting in water for maybe 3 hours. The electronics and driver were never wet, but I am concerned about the wood. I doesn't appear to have swelled, but I know it was wet. I assume both use particle board covered with vinyl. Can this affect the amps sound? How important is the bottom to the structural integrity fo the amp. These are both practice amps, but I don't want to live with them being compromised. If they may be damamged, I want the insurance to pay for new ones. Thanks!
I'm sure as long as there is no damage to the electrical components, the amp is fine. I wouldn't worry about it. But I could be wrong. Eh sorry haha
kick the amp,if nothing crack or break,you'r fine
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I'm not sure about the wood, although the speakers could be a bit moist since there was that much water. Only easy and simple thing you could do if you have any.. is put some of those silica gel bags from shoe boxs and stuff in the back and wherever you can near to the speakers of both amps. The best way is to remove the speakers and place them with the silica bags in a sealed box, but thats too much hassle lol, try a small cupboard or a large box?

But yeah, speakers change a lot with just a little moisture. If you notice any sound issues that involve a muddier or flappy/buzzyier sound, then I wouldn't be surprised if that was it.

As for the wood, it should be fine. But I'd still try and get some insurance money for it. To go towards moar gear.

Edit: I'm pretty sure people leave the bags with speakers for like over 2 weeks in a sealed box for this to happen? But I think you'd be safe to play it with the bags in there for a month or so incase.
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Line 6 Spider III 30 and Roland Micro Cube

how unlucky of you man :/
if only they got like 3ft under water
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I was waiting for the comments. Now you know why I want new ones. Actually, for certain sounds, the Cube sounds better!!!
Just lay the amps on their sides for a while, let them dry thoroughly. If just the base got wet, don't sweat it - they'll be fine.

Besides, you'll probably have those things upgraded in a year or two anyway.