On the UG home page, there is a article about the top 10 shredders. ZenGuitarist said something about Buckehead being in that group.

My post was "I hate Buckethead. He is an idot to be wearing a KFC bucket on his head".

I got reported for that ****. I can tell you right now, getting reported for that is so ridiculous. I have been a member since 2006 and before that, have only been reported 1 time (and I deserved it).

If this is the way UG is going, I won' t be on here much longer. What a freakin joke.
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You do realize that you will more than likely be reported for this?

Irony or just stupidity?


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K koo?

and next time no flaming, its in the rules.
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Chea_man is the best.
Insult to injury much? But I see where your coming from, try to adapt a more colourful criticism =]
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dont really care, f u c k this site

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IF you want faster stumming then loosen your strings, that will force you into using more strength

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i dont know about the polarity and ****, but my regular ones just wont go in the hole without a lot of force.
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dont really care, f u c k this site

aidy already done that
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Whilst you have the right to express your own opinion, expressing it in such a way that shows you as a ignorant twat may cause some offense to be taken. This results in you being taken out of the forums, the gene pool must be kept clean.
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Haha, you deserved it. No one asked about his bucket, but rather about his skill. I'm glad you will be gone soon.

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Unless its electronic drums.