Hey guys

I am getting some fret buzz, pretty much only with the low E unless I really concentrate on pushing down really hard on it. Being new to electrics it mostly happens when I need to use my ring or pinky finger. It is not something that is travelling through the amp, just acoustically. Should I raise the action of that string a touch or just leave it? It's a new hardtail Ibanez.
If it's not coming through the amp (or hindering your playing) then it's not a problem.

It just sounds like those fingers you mentioned need to get a little stronger, once they do, it should go away.
You can call me Aaron.

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Cool, thanks

I think you're right... And the fact at the lower frets it's a bit of a stretch and I can't quite fret the string as close to the fret as I would like... All in time I guess.
Yeah I run into this kind of thing all the time, because my pinky is weak. I'm not getting a good push on the fret. I also have trouble keeping my pinky nice, straight and hovering near the fret board...it always wants to shoot back and curl up, so I'm always having to bring it way in from outerspace to fret a note in a practice scale.

Gotta try some of the exercises in the stickies, I reckon, and stick to 'em.