Hey everyone,

I have this dream of owning a Double-Neck guitar, with a 7 string electric on the top, and a 7 string acoustic on the bottom (steel string). Crazy, I know. How much do you think it would cost me to buy/build this? I was possibly thinking of fusing 2 guitars together...

I'm in a melodic metal band, and we do a lot of switching between clean to distorted guitar tones, and I'm fascinated with the idea of playing all the clean parts on a real acoustic guitar, since we usually record it with acoustics on the CD. Go big or go home, right?
You can only go so big before your tower will come crashing down. You should look into a piezo system, you'll get a nice near-acoustic sound, and you won't have to worry about how to feasibly hold some sort of half electric half acoustic contraption.
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It can be done, Steve Vai had it done by Ibanez...


but for you to commission it will probably cost you a fortune.

Go with piezos.

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You could either so semi-hollow body double necked 7 string. £3000+


Piezo pickup.


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Plus it would barely even work as an acoustic because of the body shape.
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The thing is that you're going to be compromising, the hollow part will create feedback when you're using distortion and the solid part will crush the resonance and therefore tone of the acoustic. Honestly you're better off either putting a piezo pickup or even simpler than that, just buy an acoustic simulator pedal and then you not only don't have to build a crazy guitar, you don't even have to modify your existing one.

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i say that you should do like vai, but have piezo's!
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