Alright, tonight I am going to go check out a Fender Jaguar at this guy's house whose selling it used for about $600. In his email, he said he replaced the stock pickups with some Seymour Duncan SJAG3's.
While looking at the pictures of it, I noticed the pickup cavities have some room in them and you can see the wires because they are not covered by the pickups. So my question is: is this a bad thing for the wires to be able to be seen? He's going to give me the stock pickups and covers for them with the guitar if I buy it, but I know they aren't as good as the Duncans. So I just want to know if it is bad for the wires to be seen.
No, there's nothing wrong with it, perfectly safe, and I can't see it affecting it tonally too much. Though, it is ugly as hell...
Ha, yeah it's not the most pretty of things, I might end up switching them out for something different down the line that also covers the wires, but thank you guys for answering me. I was nervous about it because the guy lives about an hour from me and I didn't want to have to drive all the way out there for something that's not worth looking at.