hey, anyone knows what kind of amp setting/gear escape the fate lead guitarist uses? or how to get a similar sound? He's just got that cool tone, especially in ''dragging dead bodies in blue bags up really long hills'' and ''There's no sympathy for the dead''
Well, I know he uses a les paul, A custom I believe. I want to say Ive also seen them using bogner amps. Ill look into pedals and settings, cause Im curious about this as well.
at warped tour this year, i believe they used orange amps and the lead guitarist used an Ibanez and the rhythm guitarist used an ESP Eclipse.
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not sure if this is right, cause I think the mids would need to be a little lower, but someone tol me this.
Bass- between 5 and 6
Mids- between 6 or 7
Treble- 9

Try this and tell me how well it works. I would like to know as well.