I have a Japanese fender neck. I bought it for a tenner and looks and feels nice.

I want to put it onto my current stratocaster but im a bit put off by its condition. Its a bit scruffy here and there and has fretwear.

The fretwear isn't too bad, its got a few string marks where its bent up but thats OK.

What is putting me off is the large dips in fret one and smaller one on fret two. These dips could affect bending and possibly how well the note comes out.

Am I being too picky? Should I just put it on. I have to spend £50 for locking tuners though.

Is there anything I could do to smooth frets one and two down?

What would you do? Thanks

Here's some pictures



you can get them crowned and leveled, should fix your issues.

better yet, you could do it yourself

When you say large dips, you mean in the fret wire, or on the fretboard it self? If its on the fretboard, there is no problems. If its on the wire, you can level/crown the fts, or replace them. I don't know much about that, but if its not the fret wire, then you're good to go

EDIT: http://www.stevesguitarsite.com/FRETLEVEL&CROWN.HTML was at the top of google. Its a decent tutorial
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