So I'm actually quite embarrassed to post this. I wrote this exactly 365 days ago in one sitting, hardly lifted my pen from the page. I never wanted to post this originally, but my life runs in cycles and I am now in the exact same position (regarding personal troubles) I was in last year. Same people, same situation, same timing. So I thought this would be fitting.

The reason I post this is because I think it has some good ideas that need to be refined. So if you guys could help me make this sound good, I'd appreciate it. C4C, and thanks in advance.

If you can hear the words I say
Please guide me with your fire
For tonight not a single star shines
Nor does the moon cast it's light

Stumbling through the darkness lost
Lost in the depths of my own mind
The demons scream from deep within
Seeing the world through my eyes

Living their lives through my body
Committing their sins through my hands
Speaking their lies through my mouth
Feeding upon the misery they create

Left without a home to run to
Left without a life to lead
Left without a hand to take
I wander through the darkness alone

Your voice used to guide me
When my eyes would fail me
Thoughts of you would sustain me
When all else would leave me to die

But there is no love for this heart
Forever shall it beat in silence
I doubt you were ever there
I doubt you ever existed

Your hollow words reach me no longer
Your rusted embrace fulfills me no longer
The smoldering ashes of what we could have been
Can guide me to happiness no longer

Time will tell my tales till the end of time
Casting unfortunate souls to play my part
To fill the role of the broken
To take the place of the damned

The bliss of ignorance is much too divine
To be bestown upon the likes of I
And the light of hope is much too kind
To be bestown upon the likes of I