Whats a good setting on my amp Eq,gain,channel volume for the proper clean sound. Also right now i just started learning notes and when i play a note sometimes my finger kind of sticks to the string as i lift it off andsort of pulls it effecting the sound. Also when i pick i can hear my pick make kind of a sqeeky sound as i strum, what is wrong.
Pick in a straight angle to the strings, not in //, the coil of the string is rattled & you can hear it through your amp if //.

For the clean go figure, there's so many amps, you didn't even refer to specific models. Push off the OD/distortion button and it should sound clean duh.

Use both your fretting and strumming hand to mute the strings once you've played them (and the unused ones too) so that only the currently played note will ring through the amp.
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Well I can help a lil with the last one about the pick it's normal you can buy " special " picks that don't but unless it bothers you I don't see the point, as for the others i can't really help with the EQ u would just tinker with It til you find what you like
about the sticking your fingers in the strings thing: i used to have that problem too when i first started out, but i think it was mainly due to the fact that i had just begun developing calluses and i had like pieces of skin on my fingertips so they used to like get caught on the strings and would pull them out -ew, haha- but if your fingertips are fine, then maybe it's because your putting a lot of tension in your hand to try and press the note down, i mean you do have to press down pretty hard to make it sound right, but you may be doing something wrong there in the pressing. just work on that, i think sooner or later you won't be having this problem.

and on the picking thing, i agree with people here: work on your pick attack, and in the angle in which you hit the strings.

hope this helped. good luck
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