Ok well a while ago i said i was going to rebuild an old fender p bass. I got the body from my dad,when he worked at a hospital a patient in the mental health ward got a p bass from his parents and snapped the neck it and my dad was there to take it! the only thing salvageable was the body. it was blue but now going to be painted black.my dad tried refinishing this when i was young but he used chemical stripper and it really F-ed up the finish. I already bought all the parts except for the knobs.

Chrome Bridge and machine heads
black pick guard
fender p bass electronics
maple mighty mite neck
and i think thats it!

body pics


back and neck

its gonna look like this when complete
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Such a....standard... paintjob imo.. Whatever floats ya' boat though. How much did the mighty mite neck cost?
100. + s&h. and i forgot to add... the back has been filled with wood bondo and primed but still needs some more filling. I agree the black is pretty standard on p basses but when i saw that pic i was thinkin... black and maple p basses are sweet!this is the logo im thinkin of putting on it! what do you think about it?Sorry the pics so big
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