play it with your dick and ill be impressed.

Minus the word it.
Fuck rights, I believe in something... even a guy like Merlin you know?
All I heard was "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK" from the controller.

At least if you touch a guitar, it'll make a real noise (and yes, I saw that you said that you play guitar)

I'm just saying that GH & RB is a waste of plastic and technology, although it at least gets some kids to listen to better music...
Quote by aaciseric
But wouldn't all that be worth it to ride a zebra around campus? Perhaps dressed in chainmail? Maybe with a plastic sword and a wench who may or may not just be a prostitute?

GTFO teh forum.

guitar hero wankery is not widely accepted outside the game store.

also, simply put, going all "OMG Chek mh owt im sooo epic @ geetar heero" is a proven method of starting a flame war about yourself or about GH, and its also trolling really, since this is a real guitar forum and no one here likes GH.

henseforth, reported.

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