where do you guys get your amp/pedal component parts in toronto? i know you can buy online but i prefer to buy from stores. im having trouble finding Jfet buffers (2n5457), audio/log pots and 3pdt footswitches

College and Spadina


Won't find good quality 16mm Alpha pots locally in stores. There are some places that sell Aplhas but they are the bigger sizes. 3PDTs are expensive locally and better to buy online.

I'm at Younge and Eglinton btw...
ahh i remember that place. i was at electric standard (davenport & dundas i think) the other day. they told me about honson. ill go someday soon. they sell the 3pdt footswitches tho right?

wow im pretty north of you.

do you get your amp parts from honson/creatron or online? where would you suggest me to buy a 3pdt footswitch? the ones on mouser.com look wierd.

also, if im looking for a 100k log pot, can i substitute a 100k linear pot instead? the difference between log and linear is only the rate of change right?
No Honson doesn't sell 3PDTs footswitches, only DPDTs. Creatron down the street sells them though, $12 each.

Don't get amp parts or that much pedal parts anywhere in Toronto. I get a few odds and ends that are good quality locally but most stuff comes online. I used to get some amp parts when I worked at Trinity Amps in Toronto.

Mouser doesn't sell the switch. Look at Effects Connections. And yes to the pot question...

Where are you located, how old are you btw?
im 15. i live around bayview and 16th.

do i HAVE to use a 3pdt switch for pedals? its just a simple dist schematic i got off runoffgroove.com.