I have been playing about a year and a half and i recently went up from an ibanez gio (piece of ****) to a schecter damian fr7 with floyd rose tremolo and locking and being that i just started and its not used friendly (string pops are impossible to fix comfortably, locked in tune no dropping my d real quick and no drop c) dont get me wrong it has tone like no other bea-****ing-utiful humbuckers and im confident i could take it to a brick wall and it would keep tune. i just wondering what you guys thought

ps:i've heard that there is a d dropper for it while its locked is this true??
You could get a tremel-no to lock the bridge down when you want to drop D. What I dont get is that after playing a year or so (i dont know if you have any previous musical knowledge), I wouldnt know why you would be getting a 7 string baritone... not that trying new things isnt good
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I tune my Razorback V W/OFR to d, and C regularly Its quite simple, takes less than 10 mins.


Btw with a 7 you only need to tune to standard B, Bb, or A, nothing else really sounds that great.
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