I have been playing about a year and a half and i recently went up from an ibanez gio (piece of ****) to a schecter damian fr7 with floyd rose tremolo and locking and being that i just started and its not used friendly (string pops are impossible to fix comfortably, locked in tune no dropping my d real quick and no drop c) dont get me wrong it has tone like no other bea-****ing-utiful humbuckers and im confident i could take it to a brick wall and it would keep tune. i just wondering what you guys thought

ps:i've heard that there is a d dropper for it while its locked is this true??
yes there is a thing for tuning to drop d its called the D-tuna however it will make it that you cant pull your tremelo up.
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begginer question but would it not floating affect play with the d tuna?

Umm... if you're asking whether it will be floating if you install a D-Tuna, the answer is no. To install it you have to block the trem, meaning it won't be able to be pulled back. but it's easy to unblock it so it's floating again.

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to hypnotik: Yeah, that's the con side to the pro/con battle in a double locking system. There's really no easy way to switch tunings, and still maintain the functionality of the tremolo.
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