I was going between a BC RIch V and a George Lynch ESP-LTD Serpent. I was pretty much focused on the ESP, until I started reading about peoples difficulties with XJ frets, which really put me on the fence.

The closest ESP dealer to me is 2 hours away and I dont have time to go down there currently to check out guitars with XJ fret. I was wondering if any of you had experience with XJ frets, and if there is anything I should be warned about
XJ frets aren't really a problem, and I have some short, stubby fingers.
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People that play with a heavy touch might have problems with XJ frets, due to being able to push the strings slightly out of tune. Especially if you slide around the fretboard a lot. Some people love em, some don't. You just need to try some examples of each.
Not really a problem..I have an ESP and it doesnt make any big difference to me...I'd say at a push that I prefer it because bends are a bit easier...and it makes light playing easier so you can play faster
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Doesn't it make legato and tapping easier?
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