This may not be the right forum, so if it is sorry. All I want to know is if a band is playing at a bar and you go with someone who is 18+ can you go in if you're with them and they show their ID and stuff. I live in Ct. (watertown, but there's no venues here). I want to go see some bands, but the ones that come would be in bars or clubs. Thanks.
Most bars won't even consider it because of the fines they can incur. Ask the owner though. Good luck.
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depending on the bar.
some bars have all ages shows where they let anyone in and they mark your hands and dont serve you alcohol. so you'll have to check it out with the place you want to see shows at.
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in PA it depends if smoking is allowed in the bar and then how late you are there....Our band has had the LCB called on us quite a few times for playing in bars and being underage (we all look old enough to play I guess haha)
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Depends on the bar. Generally, if the place just serves beer than its not a bar, and you can usually get in.

Its a rare case that you can get into an actual bar if your under 21. However, being rare does not mean its not possible - there are a couple restuarants / bars around here that will host 18 and older shows in the bar area.

Alot of it depends on firstly the laws of the state, and then the rules of the particular said bar.
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