So after months of getting feedback from everyone here at the OR on my songs, I think I have finally finished my first album, I havent changed much from the orginal songs, but I mixed them very differently so they sound more full and have their low end back. Everything was done in Reaper, so I could only take it so far.

So tell me what ya'll think about it, it should be the first 8 songs in my profile.

If you want me to crit your stuff just leave me a linky.

Thanks, Ethan
Dooms Day - It's kinda got a shuffle feel to it, I like it. The riffs are nice and your playing is good. My main complaint is that the guitars are a little too forward in the mix and they kind of drown out the drums. Your guitar tone is decent though.

Kim's Song - Wow, nice intro. It's really different from the other song I listened to, but in a good way. The lead over the acoustic guitar is nice. I actually really like this song, it's got a nice vibe to it.

The main problem I have with both songs is that there's no vocals. Sure, the songs are decent enough as instrumentals, but they get kind of redundant without vocals. Also, the recording quality isn't amazing, but decent enough for a home recording I guess.

You've got a good foundation here though, especially with stuff like Kim's Song. I just really wish you would add some vocals on top - maybe you should consider writing some lyrics. And if you ever decide to do that then maybe try getting some professional quality recordings done later on. Nice work though, this is some decent stuff.

And thanks for the crit on mine.
Checked out Dooms Day. It's pretty decent, but nothing really great. Something's rubbing me the wrong way about the leads, I'm hearing some "off" notes. Like out of key notes, that really has a negative effect on it. The riffs under the leads are cool, and I like the general feel of the song, the whole shuffle thing. There's also something going on with the mixing or panning or something. Like every track kept cutting the others tracks out, I don't know how to describe it. Good song though, and thanks for the crit.
Thanks guys, yeah, I dont know what happened, I had it all mixed in Reaper and it sounded great, I think converting it to MP3 jacked it all up, idk, I'm listening to the Reper files and they sound much better than the MP3 files, but idk how to fix that.

I know theres some off notes, but trying to rerecord an improvised solo is hard, I've tried many times. lol
That's happened to me before. I think it's caused by applying panning and stuff, but then exporting/converting to a mono track or something, I don't remember what I did wrong when that happened to me.