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Hey everyone,
we play post-grunge / alt.metal. Just released our 1st EP, you can check it out here on
Any comments would be appreciated!
p.s. for those who like TRUSTcompany, Trapt, Papa Roach, Deftones
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Liked the songs but it didn't really seem post all. Good though, enjoyed the listen but you might want to reconsider the genre your defining yourself as. Good luck with sales!
thanks for your comment, man!
if not post-grunge, then what does it sound like in your opinion?
I don't really know how to classify this sound. I've heard it alot but I really have no idea what it's called.
It's really just dark alternative rock/nu-metal. But pretty good. I would say be a little less whiny on the vocals...
Ok, thanks! I will stop whining, lol
It isn't that bad for a Russian band, is it?
Oh no=) Don't ever think to stop whining! I like it so much.
I really like the stuff these guys do. It sounds freshly.
And I just wanted to say that it's kinda unreasonable to ascribe the band to some certain style. It is not the style, it is what the band does that matters.
By the way.. Lynch, thank you for the concert you gave last week. It was ****ing impressive=) I hope you're gonna have much more of them.
And don't stop whining. It's the thing girls like about you. It's your zest=)
wow you guys are good im gonna add you with my band
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You guys sound like a dark Moneen, honestly.

It's epic
Guitar: Ibanez RG321MH with EMG 85/60
Amp: Peavey 6505+ 1x12 combo
Musical styles: Progressive rock, thrash metal, post-hardcore.
I was trying to download your new file, but one site is in Russian and the English one won't let me reconnect after my net crashed...I'll try again tomorrow!

Cursed wifi.
Guitar: Ibanez RG321MH with EMG 85/60
Amp: Peavey 6505+ 1x12 combo
Musical styles: Progressive rock, thrash metal, post-hardcore.
Try RapidShare later on. It sucks, but still it works
And thanks for your comment!
Whatsup everyone, and Merry Christmas!

We're about to go to the studio and record our 1st LP. Hopefully it's gonna be out February-March 2010!
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I didn't do anything about the whining, it's still there
Unfortunately, I sing only in English. Used to sing in Russian before, but it didn't match this kind of music at all. Try searching for Stemfade on Youtube and Myspace, that's what we played before. You'll be pretty much amazed

At the end of June we'll go to the studio to finally start recording our LP, which is due to be released by September. It's gonna be something different from our EP. And before the album, this summer we're gonna put out an American edition EP which will be for sale in some of US music stores. Don't miss it!
I completely agree with knop_pulka about the whining. Don't stop. It does drive the girls crazy!
Guys, we're looking for someone who could write a review on our newest EP (anything, even newbie rock music websites). If you're interested, please send me a private message here with your press kit or something that could show us your previous reviewing experience. Those who'll qualify, are gonna get our CDs by mail whereever you live. Thanks!
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We'll be doing a small European tour soon. Please, come see us if you live somewhere closeby!
Currently, we're working on more gigs, so other tour dates TBA soon.

I got a location change. Looking for drummer/bassist/guitarist in LA.
Only people of 20-30 y.o. with gear, experience, cool looks, and living in LA.
Last weekend we had our first gig in the new lineup. Pics are coming soon!
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Kent Manthie of Reviewer Magazine published a review on One Glimpse Away's EP "1991" and my solo acoustic album "Bloom Again". Read it HERE.

Go "Like" One Glimpse Away on Facebook to keep in touch and be updated on stuff! There's plenty of new things coming up!

P.S. And this is what our new lineup looks like.

If you have a Facebook page, please support us by "Liking" this page and getting your friends to join it as well! Thanks a ton!!
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