Im not exactly sure if this belongs in the tab section, but how do you convert e string fret tabs to the B string?
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Play the notes 5 frets higher than you would on the E string...?
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you how when your tuning you can press the E @ 5th fret to make A? its basically the same idea.

general use:
open string = 5th fret of above string.
open string = 7th fret of below string

therefore (with exception of Gstring to B string - this is only 4 frets apart because E&F + B&C only have one fret in between and comes into play at this point- the whole note progression goes A, B! (!=flat), B, C, D!, D, E!, E, F, F#, G, A! repeat.) if this doesnt make sense dont worry. you will see it eventually

so to summarize
Low/Deep E string Open = A string @7th Fret (because it repeats @ 12th fret :. 12-5 = 7th fret)
Low/ Deep E string @ 5th fret = A string open (0+5 = 5th fret).