Just got one a few days ago

Playin through a MIM Strat...

I like the cleans but what voice channels are good for distortion?

And I noticed like 2 or 3 tubes in the back? The only thing digital is the volume controls correct?

It sounds really great
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The effects are digital. The volume controls are not, because that would be absurd.
I didn't find many good distortion sounds from that amp.
I really like the distortion on 9, its like a british stack, and the 13 and 14 scooped metal sounds areok, but I mainl stick to the 9 setting.
I've played that amp before with my MIM strat and quite like it.

Actually, I think the Volume and Gain pots are all wired to digital Roc. I'd have to verify that.

I can't remember all the voicings or whatever, you're just gonna have to mess with it.

Congrats on your new amp. Are you using pedals too by chance?

PS: There is a massive thread on the fender forums on this amp - go hunt through there too.
Well, I didn't do any in-depth research just now but these two posts provide a clue. I had a really good link on this at one point but lost it.

The clean channel on the SuperChamp is similar to voice 4, but not identical.
And all of sounds from the SCXD are digital even the clean channel.

I think most people aren't "annoyed" because they bought a fun, great sounding amp at an affordable price.

Here's the story, for those of you who need to know.

In the Super-Champ, the 12AX7 is the phase inverter, because you have two output tubes. In the Vibro-Champ, it’s simply an output tube driver stage for the class A single 6V6 power amp. The fact that the two models sound very different from each other should tell you that the power amp and speaker are crucial.

The preamp distortion voices are created by digital modeling, but if you dial up a Blackface #1 or #2 voicing and crank the amp up, the output driver and the output tube(s) will distort naturally, and react to your picking strength, the same as an old Vibro-Champ or Super-Champ. I've had the luxury of doing extensive AB tests with a 1960s Vibro-Champ next to my Vibro-Champ XD, and I can get them to sound near identical.

To my ears, the XDs sound much more like an all tube amp than an all solid-state or digital amp. And let’s not forget, most people who play "all-tube" plug their guitar into a solid-state overdrive box first! Of course, if you insist on an all tube amp, we still make LOTS of them.

Gotta go, thanks for your interest!

Great amp all around I think - 311

This has some good info. Billm has one or two other posts on the fdp forum that go into some more detail, but I don't remember where they are anymore. Apparently my bookmarks got erased sometime in the past 2 years
I liked voice 2 or 3 for tweed sound (some classic rock type tones), 8 for British classic rock, 9 for more modern sounds. Never really played metal on it. voice 5 will get in the srv arena.
I have a SCXD and congrats on making a good choice. Even though the front end is digital it doesn't sound like any multifx to me. I went through the schematic because I didn't believe the voices were digital, but there are. I find myself going through the voices and finding lots of gold in there. I also like 9, but liked it with the gain at below 2. Then when I was trying to cop a Santana tone found that 9 dialed it in with higher gain.

Take some songs you know or want to learn and try to match the guitar in the actual recording with a voice and gain setting. I found it much easier to get a match with my XD than with my multifx (I've had a bunch). If you don't have a guitar with humbuckers I'd suggest you consider getting one. HB'rs are a big part of the tone in many rock songs and switching from a SC guitar to a HB guitar is a massive tone changer.

I haven't put an pedals in front of my XD yet, but I hear people say than it takes them well.