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I'm a poor medical student who picked up guitar a long time ago but never really had the money to upgrade from my original setup as a hobby player. I have a small marshall starter amp, Washburn Mercury (plays really well for a starter guitar great action, stays in tune, very versatile), and a pocket POD. However I'm looking to start accumulating gear as I get closer and closer to making money so I have a few options I'm looking at and I'd like some advice.

I have three options staring me down right now. The most feasible is a Fender Super champ combo amp, I don't need anything huge right now since I'll probably have to play with head phones anyway in my apt. But I have found some great prices on a Fender Highway One strat and Gretsch Electromatics (which i think give a cool Beatles or bluesy sound depending on what you play through). So really what I'm asking given my poor mans gear what would be the next step if I can't afford to buy something for the next two years. Would it be worth it to wait on the Highway One or should I wait to get a higher end strat? are they really that much better?

My music styles are really varied (classic rock, metal, blues, modern stuff).
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hmmm when you say metal how much metal are we talking? because i love the electromantics.
get the superchamp since you say that youre still happy with your current guitar and you say its very versatile and an amp affects tone more than a guitar does
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gretches are great i have one but when you turn up the distortion they are terribly noisy they also are generally to twangy for metal just a warning
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I think you'd be better off improving your amp, get a small boutique tube amp, and it'll do wonders for your tone.
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Go with the super champ. You can get a new guitar later, but a better amp is always an upgrade worth having.
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So seems that an amp is the way to go. I found two tube amps within my price range

Peavey ValveKing 112 Combo Amp

Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 15w 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

I don't play a ton of metal, mostly more classic/blues. Anyone have any experience with these? Doesn't look like my local guitar center carries them so I'm going to have to track them down, in which case I'd like to know if one sucks outright so I can just ignore it. They have tube amp modelers too, but the modeling on my POD is not that clean so I don't really feel like paying more for the same sound I can get out of that.
VK is nice but the sustain and gain are lacking.

A Roland Microcube is a hell of an amp for its price. Its loud as heck too.
I use a B-52 AT-100 with a Marshall 1960 cab...and I find myself practicing
with the micro a lot. It behaves like a tube amp.

If you are not gigging....the microcube will definitely get you by until you save
up more money. It will produce any tone from Black label Society..to Killswitch engaged
to ACDC to Pink Floyd.

Honestly ..I'd just tough it out a little longer. $800 can open up a ton of options.
You are willing to spend $600...just hang in there man.
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