I'm looking to buy a new guitar and was wondering, you hear so much about strats and Les Pauls and i wanted to know if there are other good quality guitars out there for classic rock and blues, price range could go up to 2,500 Australian maybe even higher, but even if the price is way higher than my budget, if you think its good mention it as a kind of thing i can save up for
Telecasters are nice, though still pretty common. But hey, I guess they're popular for a reason.
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There's this guy on YouTube who does a bunch of Classic Rock covers using his massive collection of Jazzmasters. They're not the most common thing out there... but it sounds like you're looking for a not Fender, not Gibson. IDK.
i think a telecaster is a good fit for that kind of music, it's common, but i think it's a guitar that generally goes overlooked
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What about the Gibson ES - 335?

This. I personally think the ES-335 defines the classic rock/blues sound. Clapton made em pretty popular in the 60s.
Two guitars to try out would be a Gretsch G6120 and a Gibson Custom ES-339. Both are hollow-body guitars, well respected for playing both the blues and classic rock. Try them out and see how you like them.
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Im gonna go ahead and say a lot of the Ernie Ball Music Man guitars would probably suffice for classic rock and maybe blues. I would say the EBMM Axis or EBMM Axis Super Sport, the Axis being really wicked and simple IMO, and the super sport the same shape with more features for those who want more. They also have super strat shapes, and the albert lee traingular take on a strat... they are like $1500-$3000 (USD) guitars.

They also have a cheaper more mass produced varient of their main line, Sterling by Music Man. It has there popular models made in japan or somewhere, same woods and similar hardware, like sterling pickup vareints of dimarzio pickups, sterling copycat hardware rather than gotoh... Theses are like $400-$700 (USD)

Also looking back at Gibson there is the SG, I think that could do blues and classic rock... as it has been for some years now...lol Its common but not as common as a les paul or strat. An explorer maybe... the shape came around in the late 50s didnt it?

Jaugars and Jazzmasters by fender are neat looking and not very common to my knowledge and would probably fit the slot.

I ono I think theres tons of guitars regardless of shape that can do these styles. A BC Rich Beast or Zombie with the right pickups could do jazz ... it may not look the part, but that would be pretty unqiue, and I'm certian extremely uncommon...
Actually I think a BC Rich Mockingbird could probably do a lot styles without looking rediculous... Its not too farfetched and extreme looking.
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Personally, I'd recommend a 335-ish guitar of some sort(If you're tight on money, which I can't check since I'm crap with monetary conversions, the Ibanez Artcore series are good, as are the Epiphone Dots, especially with a pickup change. if you can afford it though, for classic semihollow electric rock/blues tone, nothing beats a Gibson ES-335) or a tele.

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You hear so much about strats and les pauls because they were so prevalent in classic rock.

Here is my bit of advice, don't sacrifice the sound you want just so that you can deviate from the mainstream. Classic rock is a style based on precedent, if you want the sounds of say early Clapton or Page, you're just going to need a les paul, and ditto for Hendrix and strats.
In all honesty, you can play classic rock on any guitar. Electric guitars have not changed at all in 60 years. The amps have changed but the guitars are the same. Wood hasn't changed, electronics haven't changed, pickups haven't changed. The only things that have changed are the players, amps, effects, and maybe a few innovative inventions for the guitar like double-locking trems. Find something that feels great, get a suitable amp, and maybe change the pickups, and you'll have the classic rock tone.
Hagstrom do fantastic guitars for rock/blues


Personally i'd go for the Swede model, they're mad for the money and if you're in australia you can get near any Hagstrom for a decent price from b-music


Also if you're into ESP so much maybe try out an X-Tone or Pot Belly? Those will also do the job very welll and are a bit out of the ordinairy, and as usual b-music do them aswell
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I'd second the SG idea but with humbuckers. To my ear P90s sound best on a Les Paul but that's just me. 335 is another great choice as would be a Firebird or even a Flying V.
Coming away from the well-known brands and models, Yamaha still make their SG2000s, which are great to play and would certainly nail the sounds (probably with a pickup change) though they are at least as heavy as a Les Paul.
Pne oddity that might appeal to you is the Cort M900. Its a PRS-shaped semi-hollow with an added peizo bridge pickup to give super clean sounds that are so nice as a change in blues and the softer end of classic rock.
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I'd say an SG's a good choice too they can handle classic rock fine and have been frequently used in blues, espicially slide
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While I'm at it, I might as well throw in the idea of a Gibson Firebird.
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Definitely Gretsch

throw in a Rickenbacker as well. Dont know if you will get one for 2500 Aussie dollars though. Or if there even available here...
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yeah man Australia has like updated from the crocodile dundee days and we have loads of brands, theres like four music and guitar shops in one street near my house

sorry mate did you say here, i thought you were from another country so dont worry about the whole croc dundee thing, where do you live, i live in melbourne
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What about the Gibson ES - 335?

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