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I'm new to both the forum and playing bass. I've been played guitar for about 8 years now and want to broaden my horizons by picking up bass. A buddy of mine, who I've known for at least 6 or 7 years, is looking to sell his Warwick Corvette 6-string for $1,000. He already has enough bass guitars to make any musician envious, so I can understand wanting to sell a couple to clear up rack space. I tried out the bass earlier today. It is in pristine condition and sounds great; however, my concern is, is 6-string too much? I play everything from Dream Theater to Tori Amos (weird, I know). Should I go with a 5-string instead? What are your thoughts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If your comfortable with spending 1k on your first bass and it feels good in your hands then go for it. The high C will definitely help out with Dream Theater stuff and whatever you come up with yourself as well as forcing you to think more about the notes in each position for scales and the like.

Hopefully the neck isnt too much to get used to, i'd go for it myself though.
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if you feel comfortable playing with 6 strings, by all means get it.
If it's comfortable in your hands then go for it. I personally think going from more strings to less in the future is easier than going from less to more. at least it was easier for me to go from 5 to 4 than it was to go to 6 later when i got my 6string. and since john myung uses a 6 string you'll need one for some of their songs.
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corvette 6 strings go for around $2000, I'd say go for it. I love mine.
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