hey guys, i have an ltd ec-1000 vintage black with emgs and i'm thinking about swapping them out for passives. i have a friend who has a gibson SG with seymour duncans (JB and Jazz). i'm thinking about swapping them out with him, (i would swap the pots as well) but i'm thinking that the emg's are worth a little more than the JB and the jazz. would i be a dick if i asked for a little extra in cash? if not, then how much?

also, for anyone who has passives in their ec-1000, how do you like them? i don't really play much hard rock/metal anymore and i don't really care for the emg's. i used to have an epiphone with a jb and a 59, but this guitar is not as thick and i would guess that the sound would be different than my last one.

The JB is a little bright for a pickup; the treble and mids are prominent over the bass, at least in my guitar.

I hear that the '59 has slightly more bass than the SH2N (Jazz neck pickup) and I find that the Jazz does have a little bit more bite.

If you're going to do Metal again with a TB-4 in the bridge, it's not going to sound as good as the 81.
they are certainly a little brighter and not as heavy as the emgs. id try to borrow his guitar first for a while to see if those pickups stick to u. if u like em, take em.

as far as price, if they are covered with nickel or gold, then the price is about even. if they are uncovered, then yes, u should try and get some extra cash.
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I've got the VB EC-1000 and just finished the same problem you're describing. I tried a bunch of different pups (X2N, JB, Dimebucker to name a few). I finally settled for a SD Custom and a '59. I personally hated the JB b/c it was super flubby and had no tightness to it compared to the Distortion in my other guitar. Custom gave me the tone I was looking for with the JB, but solved the problems with the bottom end looseness.

My buddy put the SD Mustaine Livewire set in his SG and swears by it. That might be another option to explore.