So I used to have a major drive for playing guitar, I would play for hours every day. Then this past summer I started hanging out with friends every night and between them and work I didnt have the time to play really anymore. I kind of lost my drive to play for a while. Ive recently gotten it back partially, ive been playing for the last 2 or 3 days so far. How do you guys keep wanting to play all the time. Dont get me wrong once I start I absolutley love it but its just hard for me to get started sometimes. Its also hard for me to not just play for 10 minutes then drop it for 10 minutes and start again.
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Listen to something that inspires you to play. Something amazing, or playing Guitar Hero kinda always helps for me o_O
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I always play and learn songs that I love.

I guess you could also cut all the other fun things out of your life so that guitar is the only entertaining thing you have available. That always works.
I have a strange method for this: Go to youtube, watch videos of better guitarists. It's especially frustrating if they're like six .

Kind of frustrating and inspiring at the same time.
I haven't lost the drive yet at all but I know going to see live music always gets my fingers itching to play. Try that.
I try to listen to songs that I know how to play and that kinda gets me going
Ibanez RG7321
Jackson Randy Rhoads V with Floyd Rose
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I got rid of all my video games and friends. My roommate broke my T.V. All I have is UG and my guitar. That's how I stay motivated.
I go to as many concerts as I can big time or not... I especialy try to go to shows with guitarist that I feel influinced by like maiden megadeth or slayer... lissten to new bands and just keep on trying to make ur self great in your mind, learn as many songs and riffs as u can and that will greatly help you to write your own music... And for me writing my own stuff always keeps me playing especialy if I record it play it back and try to make it better you just loose yourself in it.