Well, before i was wanting to change up and sell my amp.. Now i think i have decided to hang on to my Rivera K55 Knucklehead.... So i'm curious... I need help picking out a new cab.. I want to try and get the best i can outta the rivera, even though there are better amps that would suit the style desired.. I'm into Opeth, Dream Theater etc.. if that helps... So if i want to get close to this genre and other bands that use a lot of gain in their sounds, what would be some fitting cabs/speakers for me... And if anyone knows of any good deals they've come across lemme know!

The Knucklehead is 55 watts...

Definitely dont want to exceed the 1,000 range... Definitely would take something thats great for a little less than that also.. Also, totally cool with used gear as well...

Thank a ton for the help guys
A grand is a lot for a cab. If you want to go crazy get a Mills Acoustic cab. I hear they are the shiznit. Erock503 and MatrixClaw both can give more detail. I think they are about $1,200 new so maybe look for a used one.

As far as what I know more about an Avatar or Splawn cab would also suit you well. Both are custom made to spec so you pick out the tolex, style, speakers etc. I run my amp at 50w so getting an Avatar cab new for $400 and having it wired to 55 watts was a big deal for me. I have a G12H30 and Classic Lead 80w.

Vadar makes good metal cabs too I hear.

so, you decided to keep your knucklehead huh?
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Listen to 311

Also, what made you decide to keep your Knucklehead (other than the fact that its an amazing amp! )
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Listen to 311

Also, what made you decide to keep your Knucklehead (other than the fact that its an amazing amp! )

Well, the temptation of keeping some of the money i'd be saving... I've got a trip to China at the beginning of the year.. i guess i should get as fat of a savings as i can.. Plus as you, the Rivera is really great... its clean are to drool over... So i'm gonna see what i can do with a new and different cab.. Because my last one wasn't so nice...
I am going to suggest a cab with V30's and G12K-100's in an X-pattern...amazing for rock...amazing for metal...and amazing for everything in between...including cleans.....definitely an amazing sounding speaker combination.... another would be the Eminence Wizards and Governors in an X-pattern...I have this in my Saxon cab and it sounds AWESOME!
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