what in the hell did that guy do to his guitar

no buy unless you really wanna fix it up
that thing looks like hell
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Uhhhh huh? Looks like it could use some cleaning
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first of all - while a was creating the thread i my comp shutdown so sorry about that post.

in the link that i have given above - i wanted to know if it was a good buy.

1. as far as i saw all the scratches etc. are all cosmetic right ??

2. the guitar seems to have good pickups and also the rg 560 was supposed to have the edge trem which is supposed to be good right??

looking at the above two points i thought it might be a good buy.

any comments/ suggestions
It doesnt look that beat up. Being a lefty I know how hard it is to find guitars. It would depend on what the guitar ends up going for at the end of the bidding. I was bidding on 1 the other day it started about the same price but went for 5 times that at the end.
The 560 does have an original Edge trem, which is probably one of the best trems around. As long as everything is working, it is a great guitar.
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