I've been playing guitar off and on for 8 years now, but recently I feel like my progress has really become stagnant. I havn't even played guitar for the last month because I feel like I'm stuck in the same patterns of play. I've tried learning music theory and picking up other instruments, but I don't feel like this has helped me break out of my rut. Does anyone out there on the internetz have any advice?
Find a song that you like but that is just a bit beyond your playing ability. Then work on it.
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Try some different styles of music ,i was in the same state as you a few times before. Try blues or jazz ,classical or finger-picking. Try learning techniques you dont know or listening to different kinds of music. I was stuck in playing pentatonic scales for a while ,then i moved onto blues ,now i played shred and neo-classical and its something i really enjoy playing.
find someone to play with! when i get in a rut and feel like im playing the same stuff i just sit down with my roomate and play. Learn some scales and have a friend play a chord progression and just play around with it. You dont have to always sound good thats how you get there.