People Let's Stop The War by Grand Funk, on the E Pluribus Funk album.

Jeez, I bought it new in 1972, Mel Schacher's awesome bass lines on that album were one of my main influences at the time. I can pick out most of the songs on it, but the one that still eludes me is my favorite, People Let's Stop The War. There's about a 25 second intro, then a KILLER little lick that he repeats a few times, then it breaks into the main jam, he repeats the lick a few times again towards the end of the song. I can get the intro, and I get the basics of the main jam, but I just can't get the little riff to sound right. It's dirty and distorted and beautiful, and I still get a big grin when I hear it, just like I did when I first hear it 30-some (OMG!) years ago. I'd love to find a songbook for the whole album, if not, the tabs for just this song would be fine. But if I could just learn that 5 second little lick, I'd be a very happy man! If you don't know this song (or this whole album, for that matter), you owe it to yourself to check it out. A little dated, but AWESOME bass playing throughout, I think Mel was a totally underrated player. Okay, sorry so long-winded, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Hell, I'll even buy you a six-pack (of pop, of course!).

Thanks, Wild Bill